Modern Fusion


An athletic contemporary class with pedestrian movement, syncopated rhythms and emphasis on emotional expression.


Come to move and be moved.  This is a class that focuses on expression and living and dancing in this very moment.  Ever-evolving, and not terribly technical, it's all about moving and breathing and being you.  Movement is built on passion, poetry, storytelling and real experience.  Musicality and intention are paramount here.  Dancers are encouraged to create, not just to imitate.  Arrive ready to let go and take risks in a supportive atmosphere.  No ballet training required.  Just heart and soul and love of music!

This is unlike anything else you'll find in LA.  Bare feet.  Comfy clothes.  See you there.


Erica has spent a life time so far studying performing arts in both New York and Los Angeles.  She has earned a BA in dance-theater from Barnard College at Columbia University.  She has created, worked, and trained with so many brilliant choreographers, including but not limited to: Gil Duldulao, Kevin Maher, Victor Rojas, Craig Hollamon, Matt Cady, Rhapsody James, and Tucker Barkley.


Erica has worked as a master instructor at several dance studios all over the world, including Manhattan’s Peridance, BDC in Tokyo, Japan and Skip on Guam.


Erica Michelle Sobol is the founder and artistic director of collidEdance, an ever-evolving professional dance company dedicated to blurring the line between dance and theater.


Picture and bio courtesy of the teacher.