Chris started his dance training at age 19. His first professional job was with Disneyland dancing in an urban tap show called 'LaFeet'. Since that time he has been in search of his own voice with his music and movement. Touring nationally and internationally with the tap group 10foot5 and their show 'Buckets and Tapshoes', he understands that there are few universal ideas, with music and dance being two of them. In 2007, he linked up with some premier performers from the hit show 'Stomp Out Loud' in Las Vegas, and they formed their own body percussion theatrical company called Molodi (Mo.lah.dee). Having helped create a powerful, well-rounded full length stage show called 'Raw Footage', he knew he was continuing to find his own voice. After a few years of performing on the 'Strip' and around the country, he decided it was time for his own company: the F.Y.V. group. Comprised of body percussionist and hoofers, this company is the epitome of 'Music and Movement'. "We are our own instruments......let's play 'em!






Picture and bio courtesy of the teacher.