Michael Rooney is one of the most innovative and influential choreographers of all time. Michael approaches each job like a tailor, designing the choreography to suit the project. His work is always noted for being on the cutting edge and original. Michael's most recent credits include VH1's hit drama series "Hit the Floor," for which he is choreographer and co-producer, the TV promo for Rebel Wilson’s comedy SUPER FUN NIGHT, and commercials for Old Navy and Evian. In 2012 Michael worked with Taylor Swift on her live TV award show performances, and once again dominated the commercial market for his recent musical spot for Bailey's, airing in all 7 continents in 2012 and 2013! Audiences also recently fell in love with Michael’s whimsical staging and choreography for the hit smash Disney film "The Muppets," starring Amy Adams and Jason Segel.

Michael is a contemporary visionary with the creative genius to transcend time and to move from one era to another with ease, giving each project he choreographs its own award-winning style. Always acknowledged for his own aesthetic, he continues to be a warrior on the path of his own vision. In Michael’s own words, "Each job I have done in the past has been different. Ad agencies are always looking for the latest trend and that's what I give them.” Michael is synonymous with Bob Fosse when it comes to sticking to his creative guns. Not wanting to re-create past works of other choreographers, he endeavors to lay down solid tracks that directors in the future will call genius!

Michael also has choreographed for Kylie Minogue's world-famous tours "Showgirl," "Showgirl Homecoming," and "X,” choreographing over 60 musical numbers for her. Audiences around the globe have seen his spot-on staging and choreography come to life on the live stage. "I call myself a Choreologist now, I am a dance doctor. I fix things and make them run smooth again."

Lauded by critics and viewers alike, Michael's work with directors has been turning heads and moving feet over the past decade. His original staging and conceptualization continues to keep him at the forefront of the dance world. As a result, Michael has become a rare talent to have won five MTV Awards for Best Choreography. Michael’s "come to life" dance sequence in the smash hit film "500 Days of Summer" kept the film fresh and alive, and his hard work behind the scenes with the animators of "Shrek Forever After" helped bring the film to greater heights.

Michael continues to be successful because he possesses the artistic ability to design the choreography, and bring the story to life, as seen in his most memorable videos such as Fatboy Slim’s "Weapon of Choice" (starring Christopher Walken), Kylie Minogue's sexy and controversial “Cant Get You Out of My Head", and Gnarls Barkley’s "Run" (for which he won his 5th MTV Award for Best Choreography). Michael Rooney has been the genius choreographer in Spike Jonze's world ever since he choreographed the infamous Bjork music video “It’s Oh So Quiet.” With several projects in between, their most recent collaboration was on the feature film "Jackass 2".



Picture and bio courtesy of the teacher.