Hip Hop

San Diego native Grandison M. Phelps IV was raised in the theatre and grew up performing Shakespeare as well as other dramatic arts, including dance, all over the city. G studied and received a B.A. in broadcast journalism training for radio, voice over, news writing and on-camera hosting. With this and dance performance calling him, he began to really soar - performing on tours,music videos and stage shows for artists including J.Lo, Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Chaka Khan, Tamar Braxton, Lady Gaga, Che'Nelle, Alicia Keys.

G has also performed on many popular TV shows, such as America's Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, The Grammy Awards and the People's Choice Awards (to name a few).

With TV hosting still a passion and skill of his, opportunities of hosting live shows, events and TV pilots started to roll in, including online networks like Dance Plug, After Buzz and his own personal creation, Variety City.

Throughout it all, his ongoing love for inspiring himself and the community around him through art has driven G to travel the world teaching dance workshops and master classes to industry professionals.



Picture and bio courtesy of the teacher.