Jaclyn “Jaci” Betham is originally from Long Beach, CA.  She began her professional training with the San Jose Ballet, and was soon accepted into the Houston Ballet when she was fifteen years old.  After spending three years with the company, she returned to San Jose where she performed with the San Jose Opera.  She continued her work overseas, winning the prestigious Grand Prix Italia Gold Metal.  At nineteen, she was given the opportunity to dance and coach with Ballet Pacifica.  Falling in love with teaching, she began as an instructor for the San Jose Ballet and continued performing with the company.  She also danced with Anaheim Ballet and Lumunario Ballet.  She moved to Los Angeles to become a professional actress and is now a lead actress in Tyler Perry’s The Haves and Have Nots.  She has shot over 30 commercials and has worked with many talented directors.  Still continuing her work with dance, she has performed at the Academy Awards, and is currently a lead in the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers as their ballet soloist.  She is now represented by MSA and has her own non-profit, Betham Ballet Theatre, where she serves Outreach children with the ability to learn the art of ballet.


Picture and bio courtesy of the teacher.