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GROOV3 - LA's Hottest Dance Workout Comes to EDGE


Founded by professional dancer/choreographer Benjamin Allen, the Mission of GROOV3 is to inspire change and build communities through the power of dance. This one hour, high energy, dance your butt off class features a LIVE DJ every class and incorporates elements of hip hop, funk and groove. Our Motto is DANCE, SWEAT, LIVE cause that's exactly what you'll do when you join this fun filled workout. All levels welcome. 



Ben's Biography:

“Finally a teacher who understands what my students need. Not only does he bring one of a kind energy, he motivated my students like I’ve never seen before.” It is true; there are lots of great dancers out there, but very few great teachers as well. Benjamin Allen is one of those. When you meet Ben, words like energetic, passionate and heartfelt come to mind. After living in Los Angeles for over 7 years, he has accomplished what most have only dreamed of. Working in film, television, and live stage shows, he has gained much experience as a dancer. He began teaching in Los Angeles at Gold’s Gym Hollywood, where he founded a non-stop-funk class. Shortly after, he began teaching with MUSE and then received the prestigious position of teaching at The Edge Performing Arts Center. Ben Allen brings pure fun when it comes to hip-hop. Whether it’s beginners learning choreography for the first time or advanced professionals working on musicality and rhythm matching, Ben's routines offer perfect versatility to all students. His style draws from a "pop vibe", which provides isolated hits and smooth transitions. His music selections are upbeat and fun giving his steps a groove that makes his combinations so addicting. Students and audiences, alike, will enjoy the hip-hop charisma Ben's dances create.

While on high demand to dance in local stage shows and choreograph for emerging new artists, Ben continues to travel the country and the world teaching master classes. His credits include: Rent, Scrubs, Cingular Wireless, Miller Lite, Subway, Carl’s Jr., Will.i.Am, Shoshanna Bean, One Republic, TV Land Awards, AMA’s, Eclipse the musical, MTV and “I know My Kid’s a Star” on VH1. With his vibrant personality and fresh originality you’ll want to watch out for Benjamin as he continues to make his way to the top of the industry.

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Picture and bio courtesy of the teacher.