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2017-2018 Scholarship Catalog

Application and Release

All applicants must submit a Release and Waiver form, which includes The Dance Fund, with their application.


1988-2016 Participants


Applications due by: Jul 27, 2017. 5PM (PST)

Audition: Jul 30, 2017 at 10am

Recipient Work Training: Aug 28-Sep 1, 2017

Scholarship begins: Sep 5, 2017

Scholarship Completion: Aug 17, 2018


Founded at L.A. Dance Academy 1988-1991, and at EDGE since 1992.

Randy Allaire

Bill Prudich



The following list includes teachers and workshops both past and present.


Nancy Anderson (Career)


Randy Allaire (Career, Dance, Terminology)


Twinkie Byrd (Auditioning)


Cate Caplin (Ballroom)


Core Conditioning (Physical Therapy)


Mark Goodman (Voice)


Cathy Highland (Make-up & Hair)


Carol Mayo Jenkins (Acting)


Kathy Johnson (Gymnastics)


Rob Ianuccilli (Gymnastics)


Karen Maruyama (Acting Improvisation)


Marissa Munoz (Auditioning)


Bill Prudich (Career, Dance, Improv/Perf)


Mike Rose (Acting Improvisation)


Dr. Greg Vanvakaris (DC)



At EDGE and premium workshop classes including scholarship


Bloc Talent Agency


Clear Talent Group


Go 2 Talent Agency


McDonald Selznick Associates


The Movement Talent Agency


The S Agency



Glenn Campbell


Erik Hyler


Cory Jones


Vince Trupsin


Lindsay Rosenberg



Offered for scholarship:




Jazz Funk

Hip Hop




Theatre Dance


Have included:


Acting Improvisation

Assistant Techniques

Audition Song Preparation

Audition Techniques

Ballet Terminology


Career & Goal Planning


Dance Notation

Injury Prevention




 All subjects may not be included




Who Itís For

This opportunity is for serious dancers who are able to commit up to 36 hours per week (36-plus hours during rehearsals and performances) to study at the world renowned EDGE Performing Arts Center for one year.  Scholarship is for dancers whose schedule is flexible allowing them time to take class from a wide range of participating EDGE teachers. Itís for dancers who are passionate, dedicated and ready for the challenge.

What It Is

Selected by audition, up to twenty dancers are chosen to receive this one-year scholarship.  Weekly, it includes up to 18 classes (15 assigned; 3 elective) from our open-schedule, three 2-hour dance and professional development workshops and five hours of apprenticeship. It also includes the opportunity to rehearse and perform in our annual show. The program is guided by the Directors, with expert advice from the teachers.  

Professional development workshops include dance, choreography, acting improvisation, audition technique, preparing an audition song, trade discussions and other know-how.  Special opportunities include taking headshots, becoming acquainted with dance agencies and being showcased in our annual show. Past participants have had the opportunity to gain additional performance experience in film, video and live productions. Workshops may be open to other premium membership.

EDGE is the host for this amazing opportunity thatís presented by The Dance Fund.  Created by Randy Allaire and Bill Prudich in 1988, some 540 dancers are among a select group who has shared in this opportunity. Participants include RJ Durell, Gil Duldulao, Tracy Phillips, Shawnette Heard, Laney Filuk, Lisa Lindholm, Khasan Brailsford, Nancy Anderson, Rachele Smith, Bobby Newberry, Charlie Williams, Mike Rose and many others. Allaire and Prudich continue to direct the program working closely with the participants.

What Itís Not

Itís not accredited, vocational or part of a curriculum. It is not graded and does not issue a degree, academic credit or certification associated with an academic or vocational school.  It does not guarantee professional representation or employment.



See catalog for details

The Dance Fund

Founded in 2005 by Randy Allaire, Carol Connors and Bill Prudich, The Dance Fund provides educational and scholarship opportunities, professional development, and fiscal sponsorship to dancers, choreographers, and dance companies.  The Dance Fund also engages with various organizations in the community to provide meaningful programs to youth as well as other social and cultural communities.  

The Dance Fund is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide support to and benefit the Los Angeles dance community, engage in meaningful community programming, and promote the mental and physical benefits of dance.



Partial list of scholarship participants and their experiences. Please note: we do not guarantee employment or representation.


Gil Duldulao

Janet Jackson, Britney Spears

RJ Durell  

Madonna, American Idol, Katy Perry, Iron Man, Pink, Superbowl 2015

Shawnette Heard

Janet Jackson, Tweet, MTV's Becoming

Caty Jean  

Líeffluer des sens (Director)

Jason Myhre

Rihanna, NíSYNC, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Shakira, Anastacia

Bobby Newberry

Pussycat Dolls, Girlicious

Tracy Phillips

American Music Awards, Dancing with the Stars, Rhianna, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, Covergirl, Kmart

Becca Sweitzer Hart of Dixie, Raphael Saadig, Scissor Sisters, The Goldbergs




Lisa Coppola

Co-founder, Principal and Agent, Go 2 Talent Agency

Laney Filuk

Co-founder, Principal and Agent, BLOC Talent Agency




Marissa Munoz

Founder, Principal and Director, M Casting -- Old Navy, Gap (Dance)




Blake Angier

Tiffany Leise Taskey

Elizabeth Petrin

Michelle Vrakelos

Dom Chaiduang

Chelsea Michener

Aury Reitz

Christina Woodard

Kyle Hill

KC Monnie

Gregg Russell


Scott Hislop

Bobby Newberry

Sarah Smith


Malaya Ho

Adam Parson

Becca Sweitzer





Samantha Abrantes 

Paris Disney

McKenzie Anderson

Glee, X Factor, Chrysler, Bunheads, UGGS, Toms

Nancy Anderson

Justin Timberlake (tour), Christina Aguilera (tour), Britney Spears (tour), Gap

Tim Anderson

Wicked (tour), The Color Purple (NY), 9 to 5 (original cast), Reba McIntire

Alyx Andrushuk

American Music Awards, Selena Gomez, Target, Carly Rae Jepsen

Chad Azadan

River North Company, Celine Dion

Liana Blackburn

Britney Spears, Viva Laughlin, Chris Angelís Believe

Lindsay Blaufarb

Beat Freaks (Americaís Next Best Dance Crew)

Khasan Brailsford

Beyonce, Pink

Zac Brazenas

Celine Dion World Tour, Britney Spears

Dominic Chaiduang

Celine Dion (tour), Paul McCartney (tour), Wicked (tour)

Lexi Contursi

Katy Perry, X Factor, Glee, Taylor Swift, Laguna Beach, Ted 2

Jessica Cropper 

Benjamin Button (Cate Blanchett dance double), Glee, CSI

Tiffany Daniels 

The Color Purple (tour), Gangster Squad, Kelly Clarkson, The X Factor

Audrey Douglass

Radio City Rockettes, Beyonce, VMA's, L.A. Opera (La Traviata), The Question

Hannah Douglass

Beyonce, Glee, Footloose, Iron Man 2, Britney Spears, Seal

RJ Durell

Cher (tour), Macy Grey, Destiny's Child, Movin' Out (tour)

Kelli Erdmann

Glee, Wicked, Victorious, Samsung, Reebok, Daft Punk

Reshma Gajjar

Madonna (tour), VH1 Hit The Floor

Molly Gosline

Beyonce, My Chemical Romance

Zachary Hensler

Aida (tour), Wicked (LA, tour)

Stephen Hernandez

Newies, LA Phil, American Airlines, Shaping Sounds, 90210

Kyle Hill

Glee, Wicked (Broadway and tour)

Scott Hislop

Ted 2, Benjamin Button, Spiderman, Titanic, Charlie's Angels

Yayoi Ito

Rockettes, Wayne Brady Show, Anastacia (tour)

Casey Johansen

Lady Gaga, Academy Awards, Glee, Ted 2, Ford, Subway, MTV Movie Awards

Keith Kool

L.A. Opera, Contact (LA, tour), Fiddler On The Roof (NY)

Taeok Lee

Taylor Swift Tour, American Music Awards, Grammys

Shanna Lord

Cirque du Soliel, Anastacia

Kandis Mak 

Bette Midler, The Showgirl Must Go On, Ellen DeGeneres Show

Nikki Medrano

Emmy Awards, Janelle Monae, BET Awards, American Idol

Ragon Miller

Chris Brown, Dancing with the Stars, Pitbull, Ariana Grande, VMAís

Marvin Milora

Justin Bieber, Cheetah Girls (tour), Britney Spears

KC Monnie

Teen Beach Movie, Dancing with the Stars, Glee, Fame, American idol

Preston Mui

Mariah Carey (tour), Paulina Rubio (tour)

Michael Munday

Glee, Ted 2

Shelby Rabara 

GLEE, Limelight (TV pilots)

Julie Schmid

The Mindy Project, Katy Perry, Switched at Birth, 90210, Kelly Clarkson

Logan Schyvynck

Kesha (tour), Chris Angelís Believe

Rachele Smith

Center Stage 2 (lead), Bring it On 5 (lead)

Sarah Smith

Britney Spears, Austin Powers 1, 2 & 3, CSI Miami, Batman

Michael Stein

Britney Spears, Glee, Kylie Minogue, Cee Lo Green, American Idol

Jon Stotlar

Paris Disney, Tokyo Disney

Becca Sweitzer

Hairspray (film), Christina Aguilera, Tropic Thunder

Victor Tang


Ryan Thomas

Queen Latifah Cover Girl campaign

Addie Yungmee

The Gymnast (lead), Madonna (tour), Celine Dion (tour), Cher (tour)

Austin Westbay

Kesha (tour), Hysterica Dance Company

Charlie Williams

Sound of Music live, Tony Awards, Kennedy Center Honors, Academy Awards, America's Got Talent, Memphis (OBC)

Dani Vitale

Glee, Beyonce, Shake It Up, The Voice, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Grammys




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